History Grant
US History Grant, Perspectives on the American Experience (PAE)

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE), in partnership with California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM), the 
International Studies Education Project (ISTEP), San Diego State University, the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF), and 
the San Diego Historical Society and Museum propose a comprehensive content-based program of professional development for 
teachers of American history. The PAE program targets new and experienced teachers of American history in grades eight, ten, 
and eleven in San Diego County. Program activities include a two-week summer institute, two follow-up sessions, and two online 
learning sessions designed to improve content knowledge of participating teachers and student achievement.

Perspectives on the American Experience focuses on five general themes reflected in the
California Content Standards. The themes are: A Developing Nation, Unity and Diversity—Perspectives on Social Change, 
Immigration and the American Dream, America’s Changing Role in the World, and Images in American History. 

Perspectives on the American Experience project goals and objectives are:
1. Increase teacher content knowledge in American history to support No Child Left Behind (NCLB) highly qualified 
teacher requirement and AYP targets. Participating teachers will increase their knowledge of American history by 
working closely with history scholars, curriculum specialists, mentor/lead teachers, and organizations with content area 

2. Improve the teaching practice to support student achievement on state-mandated assessments in American history. 
Project participants will improve their teaching practice by utilizing effective standards-based strategies, lessons, and 
assessments related to the teaching of American history.

3. Create and sustain professional networks dedicated to quality teaching and learning of American history. 
Project activities will build and sustain a network of teachers, district leaders, mentor leadership, curriculum specialists, 
university faculty, and independent scholars from the region.

4. Integrate technology effectively to support the teaching of history in a deep and meaningful way. Professional 
development project activities and products will be provided using technology-based strategies to teach and learn American history 
in the twenty-first century. Participants will be engaged in using digital media to support the teaching of American history. An 
online community supporting distance learning, program resources, content and pedagogical vignettes, and discussion boards will 
be accessed through the American History in the Schools (HITS) site www.americanhits.org.

Laurie Mosier, H-SS Coordinator, SDCOE, PAE Project Director
Tracie Audifferen, Teacher on Special Assignment, SDCOE, PAE Project Coordinator
Brenda Hall, Director of NCPDF, SDCOE

Project Web Site
Through participation in the grant, teachers collaborated and contributed to include professional development and student projects in 
an online environment.

American History in the Schools (HITS) 

Professional Development Opportunities
Summer Institute Announcement - PDF

Summer Institute Application - PDF
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